Friday, January 30, 2015

Back To Blogging And The Chevy Adventure

 So I thought I may make another attempt at blogging. A LOT has happened since I was here last. Things were pretty hectic for a couple of years. I am not entirely sure that is about to change anytime soon. Yet more and more I come up with ideas I want to write about.
I guess I will start out by brushing away some cobwebs.
Look for a bit of dust around here for a while as I pull the page back together. 

One of the things I hope to do here is document our journey as we restore our 41 Chevy. That will be a VERY long road. We basically have a rusty shell of a body to build from. The goal being to make it down the drag strip.   Yeah I know it will be a miracle if I ever get to race this car even once. But it could happen. That may actually motivate me to do something with that U Tube account that has been just sitting there forever. 

I also have so vague ideas floating around my head about doing some how to articles related to holiday crafts. Maybe cover some DIY wedding and party themes.
We will see I am pretty bad about letting the doing it part of life get in the way of the writing about it.
Anyway pop back in on occasion. Maybe I will dust off the old blog spot clean up the layout a bit and actually add some content now and then

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