Friday, May 14, 2010


"Like sands through the hourglass"
Remember that old soap opera? My granny never missed it. Makes me think of simpler times. Back when people had time to stop for an hour during the day to watch "the stories" Wonder if anyone even still dose that. For sure no one that I know.
I have been away much longer than I thought. Time speeds by these days while I struggle to keep up.
I have playing drums again. Naturally I am trying to work on too many songs too quick. It is going really well though. We have our recording system set up now. That helps TONS because I can go lay out my tracks whenever I want.
My amazing daughter had senior prom last week. I can hardly believe she is about to graduate. Where did the years go?
The shop is finally starting to do well. I try very hard not to neglect adding new listings. So many ideas so little time. I have managed to add some new maps and collage kits. I have tons more in the works. I tend to put off the photos for as long as possible. Probably because I am not yet very good at that part.
All in all it's looking like a very busy summer at our house.