Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summers End

I have neglected my cyber life this week. It's been a busy time with family and home. I have been in the studio some to reorganize and winterize.
I am still rummaging through the attic. Been pulling out lots of old books and ephemera type stuff. Much of this I will use myself lots is headed to Etsy.
Artfire is still on the back burner for the moment. I still hope to fill that shop with my own creations. I hope to have time to do some woodwork pieces this fall.
For now we are loving the last bit of summer. We took the bike out Sat went to the old family graveyard. It is already becoming chilly in the forest. But tranquil like no one had been there in forever.


  1. Real life trumps cyber life every time.

  2. The photo is intriguing. Sounds like you've made some good memories over your break.